SF Mayor wants to Socialize Wireless

Yes, that’s right, Gavin Newsom wants to put government in control of all San Franciscan’s wireless service. On Thursday, he said “We will not stop until every San Franciscan has access to free wireless Internet service.” I wonder if he’s planning on giving us all free coffee to go along with that too, because we all know that if the city took over the coffee business we’d all be drinking Maxwell House. What a bad idea.

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SF Mayor wants to Socialize Wireless

One thought on “SF Mayor wants to Socialize Wireless

  • November 2, 2004 at 1:12 pm

    This is the same city govt that announced last year on is website that it was cutting online services bc it had to save money and provide same services to citizens on and off line.

    The public sector should not be in the business of delivering urban wifi. Maybe some tax or zoning breaks to enable businesses to invest.

    The city is better off creating and improving the apps that serve citizens and its employees.

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