Opening Up The Genetic Lottery

Some people are born with genes that prevent problems like high cholesterol and weak immune systems, while others are not. It’s what scientists call the ‘genetic lottery.’ But what if science could make everyone a winner? […] Read article here.

Longer Lives and The Future of Family

Are you an older parent, a young parent, or not a parent at all? Today, all these options are possible and acceptable, making ideas about the ‘traditional’ family obsolete. […] Read article here.

Not Old Until I’m Older

According to the National Institute on Aging, the total US population aged 90 and over is projected to more than quadruple from 2010 to 2050. That means Americans can expect to see more older people in the coming decades and

Living to 100 and Beyond

Scientists are on the brink of radically expanding the span of a healthy life. Author Sonia Arrison on the latest advances—and what they mean for human existence.

America: It’s Time to Snap Out of the Pro-Death Trance

In America, a large part of funding for regenerative medicine comes from the Department of Defense, whose goal is to repair soldiers who come home wounded. That is an effort everyone recognizes as important. Yet, when it comes to repairing