There’s a new sheriff in town in Silicon Valley — the FDA

Another great article by the WAPO’s Ariana Eunjug Cha. Here’s a small excerpt from the piece: “As a tidal wave of new health-related gadgets, apps and tests hits the market, government agencies like the FDA, Federal Trade Commission and others

The list of cancers being taken down by immunotherapy keeps growing

From the Washington Post. “Scientists reported Tuesday on two new studies showing that the medications, which marshal the body’s own immune defenses, are now proving effective against recurrent, difficult-to-treat head and neck cancer and an extremely lethal skin cancer called

New Class of Drugs Could Dramatically Increase Healthy Lifespan

Here’s some interesting news from The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) and the Mayo Clinic. Researchers found that a combination of two drugs — cancer drug dasatinib and quercetin — “dramatically slows the aging process (in animal models)—alleviating symptoms of frailty,

Genetic superheroes resistant to inherited fatal diseases

A new study shows that, for a small number of lucky individuals, it is possible to have a faulty gene that causes severe disease and not get that disease (think cystic fibrosis, etc). The problem though is that researchers don’t