Cancer ‘vaccine’ eliminates tumors in mice

Let’s hope this therapy works as well in humans as it does in rodents. They are currently recruiting for a human study. “The researchers believe the local application of very small amounts of the agents could serve as a rapid

The Startling Link Between Sugar and Alzheimer’s

Not surprising really, but good to remember. Put down the cupcakes! Here’s the story in the Atlantic. “A high-carb diet, and the attendant high blood sugar, are associated with cognitive decline.”

Good news for biotech funding

Here’s the latest from YC’s Sam Altman: “I’m excited to announce a new experiment we’re going to try: YC Bio. YC Bio is a new way for us to fund early-stage life science companies that are still in the lab

Tiny Human Brain Organoids Implanted in Rodents

From Scientific American: “Minuscule blobs of human brain tissue have come a long way in the four years since scientists in Vienna discovered how to create them from stem cells. The most advanced of these human brain organoids — no

App detects pancreatic cancer from the whites of your eyes

More digital medicine. From Engadget: “Pancreatic cancer has a very low survival rate, with just nine percent of patients surviving past five years. A major contributor to this rate is the fact that once those with pancreatic cancer start to

The Drive for Perfect Children Gets a Little Scary

Here’s a thoughtful piece by Tyler Cowan on genetic engineering. He says, “There’s a lot of innovation going on in China these days, but perhaps not all of it is good. Chinese fertility centers are going well beyond American practices,