Fasting for three days can regenerate immune system, study finds

“Although fasting diets have been criticised by nutritionists for being unhealthy, new research suggests starving the body kick-starts stem cells into producing new white blood cells, which fight off infection. Scientists at the University of Southern California say the discovery

New, non-invasive method developed to wipe out cancerous tumors

“Matthew Gdovin, an associate professor in the UTSA Department of Biology, has developed a newly patented method to kill cancer cells. His discovery, described in a new study in The Journal of Clinical Oncology, may tremendously help people with inoperable

Launching Longevity: Funding the Fountain of Youth — VLAB Event

I’ll be moderating a longevity panel tomorrow at VLAB. VLAB is the San Francisco Bay Area chapter of the MIT Enterprise Forum, a global non-profit organization dedicated to connecting Silicon Valley’s entrepreneurs, industry experts, venture capitalists, private investors and technologists

There’s a new sheriff in town in Silicon Valley — the FDA

Another great article by the WAPO’s Ariana Eunjug Cha. Here’s a small excerpt from the piece: “As a tidal wave of new health-related gadgets, apps and tests hits the market, government agencies like the FDA, Federal Trade Commission and others