Good news for biotech funding

Here’s the latest from YC’s Sam Altman: “I’m excited to announce a new experiment we’re going to try: YC Bio. YC Bio is a new way for us to fund early-stage life science companies that are still in the lab

Tiny Human Brain Organoids Implanted in Rodents

From Scientific American: “Minuscule blobs of human brain tissue have come a long way in the four years since scientists in Vienna discovered how to create them from stem cells. The most advanced of these human brain organoids — no

App detects pancreatic cancer from the whites of your eyes

More digital medicine. From Engadget: “Pancreatic cancer has a very low survival rate, with just nine percent of patients surviving past five years. A major contributor to this rate is the fact that once those with pancreatic cancer start to

The Drive for Perfect Children Gets a Little Scary

Here’s a thoughtful piece by Tyler Cowan on genetic engineering. He says, “There’s a lot of innovation going on in China these days, but perhaps not all of it is good. Chinese fertility centers are going well beyond American practices,

‘Alexa, What’s Wrong With Me?’

Remember how Amazon made shopping so much easier? Well, it won’t be too long (hopefully — as long as regulators don’t put up roadblocks) until AI moves into helping with medical care, an industry that desperately needs a disruption. Below

Patient uses fat stem cells to repair his wrist

From CNN: “Marlette developed cysts and holes in the bones of his wrist. Doctors prescribed anti-inflammatory medications, but they only managed the pain, doing nothing to actually heal the problem. One day, his doctor, Dr. Bob Van Demark at Sanford